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Pakken leveres ca.: 14. april 2020 - 15. april 2020


Released as a black vinyl edition (180 g/33 RPM).

Paradise Lost present their latest doom metal epic ‘Medusa’. This masterpiece slows things down a notch, is clearly more sludge inspired, and you’ll practically need a weapons licence to wield such a hefty dose of doom. Eight riff-heavy monster tracks are just waiting to chew your ears off!
Artikkelnummer 362678
Kjønn Unisex
Musikksjanger Gothic Metal
Eksklusiv Nei
Media - Format 1-3 LP
Produkt kategori Bands
Band Paradise Lost
Produkttype LP
Dato for offentliggjørelsen 01/09/2017

LP 1

  • 1.
    Fearless Sky
  • 2.
    Gods Of Ancient
  • 3.
    From The Gallows
  • 4.
    The Longest Winter
  • 5.
  • 6.
    No Passage For The Dead
  • 7.
    Blood And Chaos
  • 8.
    Until The Grave