Viva The Underdogs
Viva The Underdogs
Viva The Underdogs
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Pakken leveres ca.: 4. februar 2021 - 5. februar 2021


Deluxe box set including the CD in digipak format, a bandana and an engraved lighter.

At the end of January, Parkway Drive delighted fans with the bombastic cinema documentary "Viva The Underdogs". Now the Australian metalcore heroes are releasing their live album of the same name, which frontman Winston McCall and the rest of the band recorded at last year's Wacken Open Air. As a special thank you, the quintet also included three exclusive bonus songs sung in German!

Detaljert produktinformasjon

Artikkelnummer 464799
Musikksjanger Metalcore
Media - Format 1-3 CD
Produkt kategori Bands
live Ja
Band Parkway Drive
Produkttype CD
Dato for offentliggjørelsen 27/03/2020
Kjønn Unisex

CD 1

  • 1.
    Prey (Live at Wacken)
  • 2.
    Carrion (Live at Wacken)
  • 3.
    Karma (Live at Wacken)
  • 4.
    The Void (Live at Wacken)
  • 5.
    Idols (Live at Wacken)
  • 6.
    Dedicated (Live at Wacken)
  • 7.
    Absolute Power (Live at Wacken)
  • 8.
    Wild Eyes (Live at Wacken)
  • 9.
    Chronos (Live at Wacken)
  • 10.
    Crushed (Live at Wacken)
  • 11.
    Bottom Feeder (Live at Wacken)
  • 12.
    Würgegriff (Vice Grip)
  • 13.
    Die Leere (The Void)
  • 14.
    Schattenboxen (Shadow Boxing) feat. Casper