Dance of December souls (LP, fra Katatonia

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Released on limited edition coloured vinyl (black marble/pink)

‘Dance of December Souls’ is the debut album from Swedish metal band Katatonia. The album was first released in December 1993 and holds a significant place in the development of the death doom genre. ‘Dance of December Souls’ is characterised by a dark and melancholic mood, marked by heavy guitar riffs, atmospheric keyboards and deep, emotional vocals.

The album presents a unique combination of death metal and doom metal, containing both aggressive and slow, heavy passages. The ‘Dance of December Souls’ lyrics cover introspective themes, including loss, grief and existential questions. The profound lyrics reflect the dark atmosphere of the album.

Although ‘Dance of December Souls’ did not immediately receive widespread acclaim upon its release, it is now considered a pioneering album in the death doom genre. The band later developed their style and moved away from their original roots, but this album remains an important milestone in the history of Katatonia and in metal as a whole.

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Artikkelnummer 562053
Musikksjanger Gothic Metal
Media - Format 1-3 LP
Produkt kategori Bands
Band Katatonia
Produkttype LP
Dato for offentliggjørelsen 13/10/2023
Kjønn Unisex