Ynglingaättens öde (CD, fra Manegarm

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The Swedish folk metal berserkers MÅNEGARM embark on another foray into ancient legends and myths from long-forgotten times, releasing the successor to the 2019 chart-topping album Fornaldarsagor (2019): The tenth studio album of the wolves, Ynglingaättens Öde ( d as The Destiny of the Ynglinga Kin), will be released on April 15, 2022, in a Limited Edition Digipak.

As a lyrical inspiration in MÅNEGARM's diverse sound world, the poem Ynglingatal is used, which describes the fate of an Old Norse dynasty - the House of Ynglinga. Ynglingaättens Öde offers plenty of musical variety and captivates with an atmospheric exploration that revitalizes the ancient myths, transporting them into the here and now. Through distinctive clean vocals, contrasting with grim growls and raging battle screams, singer Erik Grawsiö tells the exciting stories of kings, warriors, and battles. With the uncompromising ten-minute opening track 'Freyrs blod,' MÅNEGARM takes the listener deep into those times. The track spans a wide range between furious black metal, transitioning into more melodic parts and acoustic interludes with guitar and violin sounds, only to later erupt in thunderous chaos. With this majestic opener, MÅNEGARM show why they are rightfully regarded as Swedish genre pioneers. They skillfully merge malicious black metal elements with classic folk and Viking parts. The album impresses with its intricate acoustic introductions, as seen in 'Ulvhjärtat' or 'Stridsgalten,' which prepare the listener for intense metal tracks with heavy riffs, impactful drums, and anthemic melodies. The track 'Stridsgalten' marks a special highlight, as it features prominent guests: none other than Jonne Järvelä (Korpiklaani), Robse Dahn (Equilibrium), and Pär Hulkoff (Raubtier/Hulkoff) join forces with the main actors to deliver a stomping track that irresistibly raises fists high and tells the tale of a bloody battle in honor of Odin. Enriched with precisely placed black metal trademarks like intense blast beats and icy riffs, 'Vitta vettr' creates a particularly dark atmosphere, juxtaposed with the truly ballad-like 'En snara av guld.' The latter impresses with its gentle vocal harmonies sung by Erik Grawsiö's daughter, Lea Grawsiö Lindström. This sublime moment is followed by powerful tracks like the hammering 'Auns söner' or the heroic 'Adils Fall.' The pack concludes its time travel with 'Hågkomst av ett liv' - an enchanting vocal duet performed by singers Ellinor Videfors and Grawsiö, enveloped in acoustic sounds that immediately ignite a crackling, warm fire and invite to storytelling. With Ynglingaättens Öde, MÅNEGARM once again underline their position at the forefront of folk and Viking metal, impressively keeping pagan traditions alive even after more than 25 years of band history.

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Artikkelnummer 528134
Musikksjanger Viking Metal
Media - Format 1-3 CD
Produkt kategori Bands
Band Manegarm
Produkttype CD
Dato for offentliggjørelsen 15/04/2022
Kjønn Unisex

CD 1

  • 1.
    Freyrs blod
  • 2.
  • 3.
    Adils fall
  • 4.
    En snara av guld feat. Lea Grawsiö Lindström
  • 5.
    Stridsgalten feat. Jonne Järvelä, Robse Dahn, Pär Hulkoff
  • 6.
    Auns söner
  • 7.
    Vitta vettr
  • 8.
    Hågkomst av ett liv feat.Ellinor Videfors