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Released as a four-panel Digipak with a 12-page booklet.

Founded in 2002 in Santa Barbara, California, the band DevilDriver got off to an excellent start in 2003 with their debut album, which, in combination with the spirit of the time, really shook up the heavy metal scene. Andy Pearce (Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Kreator) remastered the album for this rerelease and kicked the artwork up a notch with an interview with Dez Fafara.


Artikkelnummer 386469
Kjønn Unisex
Musikksjanger Death Metal
Media - Format 1-3 CD
Produkt kategori Bands
Band DevilDriver
Produkttype CD
Dato for offentliggjørelsen 28/09/2018
Kjønn Unisex

CD 1

  • 1.
    Nothing’s Wrong
  • 2.
    I Could Care Less
  • 3.
    Die (And Die Now)
  • 4.
    I Dreamed I Died
  • 5.
    Cry For Me Sky (Eulogy Of The Scorned
  • 6.
    The Mountain
  • 7.
    Knee Deep
  • 8.
    What Does It Take (To Be A Man)
  • 9.
    Swinging The Dead
  • 10.
    Revelation Machine
  • 11.
    Meet The Wretched
  • 12.
    Devil’s Son